Project Description

The concept of Open Source leads to so many questions!

The Open Source Software Institute (OSSI) is currently run by John Farrell.

It is designed to support and advocate for smart and responsible use of Open Source code and tools. The idea for OSSI had come into being way back in 2002. Lots of ideas and conversations about potential bounced around for a long time, but the potential of OSSI still remained conceptual.

John Farrell and Andy Murren started talking with Melissity in April of 2017. The question we gathered to work on was, “How do we give OSSI a shape, a brand, and a set of purposeful functions? How do we give it energy so that we can build momentum and do something with this concept.

With the creation of the USDS (U.S. Digital Services) – guidance started to emerge from industry leaders to the government regarding modern code rules. The Federal Source Code Policy, Code.Gov, and the Digital Services Playbook provide a framework for other departments and agencies to follow. OSSI exists to help the rest of the government figure out how to best apply that framework in a way that is secure, cost effective, and optimal for performance and user experience.

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