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“It became clear to me that there’s a pretty clear parallel between what pollinators do, and what a good digital marketing person does. Speak the truth, attempt to see the future, and work to make sweet, miraculous honey.”

The Melissae were the bee priestesses of Aphrodite in Greek mythology.

Melissa, the Goddess as Queen Bee, taught mortals how to ferment honey into mead.  In the Homeric Hymn to Hermes, the Melissai feed on honey and are inspired “to speak the truth.” Their oracular power was associated with the buzzing of bees, and the buzzing vibration of life.” 

Melissity Marketing is named after these remarkable mythical figures to honor the art of pollination that leads to growth, success, and a kind of productive joy in living.

Kaia has been living in South Austin, raising kids and food and a business. During this time she has gotten deeply into good food and good living.

Studying both digital marketing and gardening, she has become aware of the delicate interplay of the ecological system that produces food and life. Weston A. Price and his research have opened up a whole world of information regarding nutrition and life.

On the ecological side, she has found significance in the fact that honeybees and pollinators in general play a critical role in the balance of life on this planet.

Her practice has been named after the bee priestesses in honor of this role that they play.

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