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Kaia and her team at Melissity brought a clarity to our branding and positioning that really allowed us to communicate to multiple target audiences, and move forward in our mission.

John Farrell - President, Open Source Software Institute (OSSI)

As a General Contractor, I’m used to handling a lot of details and a lot of moving parts in the construction world. Working with Melissity allowed me to use that native skill set in the construction of my digital presence and the intention with which I approached the Internet.

Robert Bentley - President, RBCGCI Inc.

Melissity Marketing brings a wide and varied skill-set to the table when they’re building stuff. They are more than just your typical digital marketing automatons. They help you leverage the best-of breed online marketing tools, and somehow still manage to make it feel like what you’re doing is real.

Eric Peterson - COO, Structured Cyber LLC

Kaia is an intelligent, straight shooter. She didn’t waste any time researching what we wanted to know about our market, and giving us an actionable strategy to work from. And she was flexible at including our feedback into her planning process.

Fred J. Tips - CEO, Phoenix Broadband

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